Sherborne Chiropractic


Are you someone who cares about their health? Struggling with pain, stiffness or immobility? Frustrated with the lack of help you've received?

There is a solution - We are here to help you find it.

Sherborne Chiropractic is located in the heart of the beautiful Abbey Town of Sherborne, Dorset.

Alongside McTimoney Chiropractic, we offer Massage, Personal Training, Ultrasound and Cyclossage Therapy.

We are committed to excellence and passionate about alternative health & wellbeing for the whole community.

Our team of accomplished practitioners work closely together to ensure the best possible outcome for You.

McTimoney Chiropractic

McTimoney Chiropractic focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, with special emphasis on the spine. It is a manual therapy including spinal , joint and soft-tissue manipulation, and includes exercises, health and lifestyle counselling.
The gentle nature of the technique make it especially suitable for all ages; Young and old alike benefit from Chiropractic care. Whether you are experiencing general aches and pains, pain or stiffness in the joints, headaches or minor injuries; Chiropractic can help.

Initial Consultation - £60    Subsequent treatments - £45.

Massage Therapies

Expert Massage Therapy using a range of techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage that can be tailored to your specific needs to aid function and wellbeing. 


Whether it be to relieve muscular pain and built up tension, improve circulation or aid relaxation; massage can play an important role in rebalancing and restoring both body and mind.

Initial Consultation - £50: Massage - £40 

Personal Training

We will create a individual system of exercises with particular emphasis on you personal problem areas. It is safe and suitable for people of all abilities and mobility. We will work at your pace to ensure the best possible outcome for you. 1-2-1 tuition gives you the benefit of an expert trainer tailoring the session to your personal needs. This is recommended for people who are recovering from injury as well as those who wish to improve their overall health and fitness.


Cyclo-ssage Massage Therapy

Using a combination of oscillating massage and Infrared heat the Cyclo-ssage Massage Therapy System increases blood circulation which accelerates tissue healing whilst also relaxing muscle spasm and alleviating aches and pain. It can be used as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with Chiropractic Care. It is an extremely gentle and non-invasive therapy

30 minute treatment - £15

10 treatments - £100


Ultrasound Therapy

Research studies have shown therapeutic ultrasound can provide patients with the following benefits:

  • Improve relaxation of tissues

  • Decrease chronic pain

  • Increase local blood flow and circulation

  • Reduce swelling and inflammation

  • Enhance breakdown of scar tissue

The treatment is completely painless - a course of treatments is recommended

1 Session - £15

5 Sessions - £60


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